Meet The Bells

A photo collage showing Michael and LaToya Bell, with the header: "The Courage Zone Adventures in Marriage"

Michael and LaToya Bell bring a compelling message of inspiration to couples embarking on their enriching journey. As seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience leading men's and women's small groups, coaching leaders, and mentoring individuals, they understand the transformative power of embracing opportunities to live authentically and align with one's gifts and passions. Beyond the challenges that every couple inevitably faces, their story is a testament to embracing hope in God's love and recognizing the inherent power within themselves to create a lasting impact.

Their shared determination to "Enjoy the Ride!" is embodied in moments of biking together, exploring new places, and dancing in the kitchen to oldies, reflecting a spirit of joy, resilience, and unwavering faith. Navigating the complexities of raising two boys into young men, surviving layoffs, shifting family dynamics, facing illness, and enduring the losses of dear loved ones, Michael and LaToya discovered hope in their unwavering belief in God's purpose for their union.

It was amidst these challenges that they experienced the profound depth of His love, favor, and grace, transforming each trial into an opportunity for growth and unity. (Who could have anticipated that sharing one car for the first three years of marriage would be such a profound marriage coach?!)

Their commitment to "Always Holding Hands" goes beyond being a mere response to challenges; it serves as a celebration of the joy and love cultivated throughout their journey. Within The Courage Zone Adventures in Marriage Community, Michael and LaToya aspire to inspire couples to approach challenges and life's evolving seasons with hope. They envision homes as launching pads, propelling couples to explore new dimensions of fulfillment beyond the familiar. This community is a welcoming space where couples can recognize their power to make a positive impact, embracing the journey with faith, love, and a shared commitment to growth.


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Meet The Bells

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